Information system
A system for processing, storing, and searching information coming from equipment and employees
The information system is a WEB application for displaying and working with SDPS.
Advantages of IP:

- structuring of information received from the equipment;
- user-friendly interface for displaying voluminous information for further analysis and editing;
- ability to manage employees and access rights to information;
- displaying statistics in an infographic.

The information system consists of the following information display blocks:
The Information System implements a system of roles:
He can view only the equipment that belongs to the group in which he belongs, and use the functionality that the company to which he belongs has acquired
It has the ability to view any equipment and any information, but it cannot make changes
It has the ability to view any equipment and any information available in the system, make changes to it, create users and add new equipment
Hardware Designer

The addition of new devices and new types of equipment is implemented in the hardware designer.
This system allows you to create any equipment inside the information system, for this it is necessary to determine its type.
The TYPE of equipment is an internal structure according to which data from the equipment will be displayed inside the information system.
During the creation process, it will be necessary to determine the general name of such equipment (for example: SCALES) and the data structure that the equipment reads and sends to the system (for example: total weight/wagon name). The creation functionality is available only to the system administrator.
The Information System implements the functionality of Groups:
A role system has been implemented, which includes a list of users and a list of equipment that needs to be provided to these users. Within each group, a list of capabilities is defined - actions that are available in relation to equipment that is in the same grou
A data structure for storing information about the system's client companies. The company stores general information about the owner of the company and the objects that are assigned to it
Objects are an internal definition that reflects the concept of "Station". Equipment is attached to each object
Mobile application

For operational control and convenience of work, a mobile application for Android and iOS has been developed. The mobile application is adapted for use on various devices, it is fully functional and will allow you to perform all operations similar to a Web application.
The download link is available on request.

Push notifications

The push notification system includes a list of various events (states) in which notifications are sent to users with different roles.
- Adding new users;
- Adding a new station facility;
- Changing the user's role.
- Getting new measurements from the equipment;
- - Creation of a report on the defense;
- Attachment of the company.
Technical support:
- Errors in the equipment (incorrect information or incorrect attempt to record data from the equipment);
- Application (system) error.

For a more convenient perception, a change of theme has been implemented: Dark and Light
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