The monitoring system is part of the SDPS and is a Web application accessible via the Internet.
The monitoring system is a server for aggregating technical information of rail scales for weighing in motion VRT-04 and VRT-04M and independently checks their operability, displays information about its operability in the graphical interface, and also notifies the responsible employees of the client by e-mail and creates a technical application in the technical support of the STATERA company. The monitoring system interface allows you not only to view the current status of the customer's available equipment, but also to obtain technical information about the serial number, address and coordinates of the installation site, accuracy classes, maximum load, configuration and modification, warranty and maintenance periods, date and number of the valid verification certificate.
The main features of the Monitoring System include:
- differentiation of user access by roles, groups and organizations;
- display of the list of equipment available for monitoring;
- quick display of the presence of errors in the operation of the equipment using color indicators in the list of equipment;
- display the date and time of the last data exchange session with the equipment;
- automatic notification of users about problems with the equipment by e-mail;
- automatic creation of tickets (tasks) for the technical support of STATERA LLC for prompt response;
- display of basic information on the equipment (serial number, address and coordinates, accuracy classes, configuration and modification, installation date, warranty and technical support periods, date and number of the verification certificate);
- information about errors in the operation of the system and weight lines;
- information about sensor readings;
- printing reports on the object, system and measuring lines;
- in the development of an oscillogram analyst for the operational determination of violations in the upper structure of the track, drawdowns of sleepers, defects in rolling stock, etc.;
- the possibility of adding third-party equipment to the system is under development;
- in development, the possibility of remote access to the weighing computer both via a local network and via the Internet, directly through the monitoring system without the use of specialized software (import substitution).
The monitoring system tracks:
  • 1
    The work of the weight program
    the number of restarts of the program
  • 2
    Data correctness
    number of packets with incorrect structure
  • 3
    Physical connection
    port closure message counter
  • 4
    Correctness of weighing
    accuracy of telemetry data
  • 5
    Sensor readings
    monitors changes in sensor readings
  • 6
    Availability of equipment
    missing ping from camera, network equipment, etc.
Screenshots of the software:
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