Installing railway scales in a turn!? Possible!

Installations Technology
Every company that makes shipment, receipt or logistics of cargo by railway transport wants to know how much has been shipped, received or transported in a particular period, to increase the efficiency of using railway transport, to control cargo flows and prevent theft of goods and goods, as well as to eliminate high fines for overloading wagons.

Railway scales will help solve this problem.

However, companies face the problem of choosing a place to install them. One of such problems from the path has a turn, as they also say an arc or radius. Almost all manufacturers of railway scales, whether platform, rail, static or dynamic scales, require a straight section of track from 20 meters in each direction or more, depending on the type of scales used and the number of wagons being weighed.

Having studied this problem, our designers made the appropriate calculations and studies, made changes to the existing technology and software. Now the installation of scales and weighing in the turn is possible with the use of weighing systems in motion VRT!

Some implemented projects for installation in a turn