Technical Support Portal STATERA LLC
About the company
STATERA was founded in 2012 and is a developer and manufacturer of railcar scales for weighing in motion VRT-200-2, VRT-03, VRT-04 and VRT-04M. This is confirmed by Patent No. 2685741 dated 23.04.2019 for rail strain gauge scales, patent No. 2349874 dated 10.07.2018 for strain gauge strain gauge.

The uniqueness of the products lies in the fact that the rail scales are installed on the working rails in the interstitial space in an adhesive way, preserving the structure of the track in its original form, besides weighing the wagons by generation, which makes it possible to determine the symmetry of loading the wagon on the bogies and sides, thereby ensuring the safety of traffic at any speeds.

This is an innovative and export-oriented project. Our products are successfully used not only by Russian enterprises (from Karelia to the Far East), but also abroad (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania).

In 2016, the products of STATERA LLC were awarded a bronze medal at the IENA-2016 exhibition (Germany).
In 2019, the company in the nomination "Innovative Breakthrough" reached the final of the national award "Considerable Business-2019", organized by the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation, Authorized under the President of the Russian Federation for the Protection of the rights of entrepreneurs Boris Titov.
In 2019, STATERA LLC took part in the II International Exhibition and Forum of equipment, technologies and materials for the mining industry, MMC and the MINING.METAL generating industry. GENERATION 2019.
In 2019, our company won the All-Russian RSPP competition "Leaders of Russian business: dynamics, responsibility, sustainability - 2019" in the nomination "For dynamic business development".

Since 2020, STATERA LLC has been a member of the Union of Employers of the Rostov Region and takes an active part in its events.

To date, the company has successfully installed more than 150 VRT systems both in the Russian Federation and abroad.
Work experience
Technical support staff have extensive experience and are always ready to help
Remote support anywhere in the world with Internet access
Prompt response
The time from contacting to receiving a response is no more than 2 hours during the period of technical support
Convenient operation mode
Technical support works from 8.00 to 19.00 Moscow time except weekends and holidays. The rest of the time by agreement
Technical support tasks
Technical support staff are ready to help with the following issues:
  • Consultation
    Technical support is always ready to advise the client on the operation of the weighing and related software, the correct operation of the equipment both by phone and in the VCS format, and will also provide instructions in electronic form.
  • Remote verification support
    Having extensive experience in accompanying verifications, Technical support will calculate errors, prepare certificates, consult on the test train, standards, speed limit and other important points so that the verification is successful
  • Remote calibration (adjustment)
    The Technical Support tools allow you to calibrate (adjust) the equipment remotely via the Internet.
  • Remote check of equipment availability
    Technical support will check the operability of the equipment at the current time, conduct a predictive analysis of the equipment and the railway track for stable operation of the weighing system in the future.
  • Installing, configuring and updating software and hardware
    Technical support will install, configure and update the software for its best performance, remotely configure the parameters of the equipment in accordance with the wishes of the client.
  • Other matters
    Adding report forms, developing new software features, integrating with customer services, and much more, Technical support will accept applications and send them to the development department.
Stages of Technical Support work
The client creates a request through the Request form or contacts the Technical Support Department by e-mail or by phone +7 961 323 82 52 (Telegram, Whatsapp)
Registration of the appeal
The system will automatically register the request through the Request form, or the technical support staff will register the request themselves
Working with the appeal
Based on the request, Technical support staff will carry out a set of works depending on the type of request and prepare a response to the request
After preparing the result, technical support specialists will contact the client in a convenient way and provide the result
Contacting Technical support
You can form your appeal in the form below. Try to explain in detail the essence of your appeal so that the Technical Support staff can help you in the shortest possible time
There is a weight PC access to the Internet
Call to the company
+7 863 226-02-75
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Organizational issues
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